I am Dennis, and have my life is largely cerntered around my fascination for nature and science. Whilst having a daytime job as a laboratory technician in chemistry, I have complemented my interest in nature over the years with another passion, photography. Mainly my interests are based on the world surrounding me, trying to understand it's workings - next to chemistry, geology is my main field of interest, and additionally biology, astronomy, ecology, physics (the so-called beta-fields) tickles my curiosity.

Photography enables me to express what I find most wonderful in the world around me. As I see, a camera is just an instrument, as is a guitar to a musician. It doesn't only work by pushing buttons (or pull a string, for that matter), emotion is a vital aspect in the process of expression. Whether it is an urge to create, or indeed a tool to replicate what my mind observed, it completes me in my drive to seek and wonder how everything looks and works.

Finally, in that is for the most importance for me, I find my rest in photographing. Being outdoor at the places I love, I love to capture the moments before me. It slows me down and it brings me back to myself. Over time it helped me to form myself, and hence it has become deeply personal. I can only say I hope you may enjoy it too.

Thanks for stopping by!