2004 I started photographing during my internship for my bachelor degree in Chemistry in Switzerland. 2006 I decided to buy my own camera. From there on photography started to grow as a hobby, and eventually I became quite passionate about it. It helped me getting in touch with myself, and I found my rest within it.

2011 a very turbulent and profound period in my life started when my father suddenly passed away. The period following his death, I faced my most darkest and hardest times, facing numerous challenges. Photography formed an activity where I learned to pick up life again. I went outdoors, and slowly started to cope with my then shattered life. An interest I share with my dad is the sea. Over time I came ever more to the quiet shorelines of the southwestern Dutch delta-isles, to seek refuge and calmness. Finally, since 2018, I moved over to the shores of the delta. Closer to the places I love, along the shores that calm me down.

Throughout my difficult times during the first half of the 2010's, a body of work started to form, as well as a photographic style and identity were taking shape. Along the way I also picked up a big interest for photography on film, next to the eases of working digitally. Also I started to apply a more minimalistic approach to photography. I have summarized the work that has accumulated the last decade as my project "Delta" - it is a still growing collection of landscapes of the Dutch river delta.

Other interests such as geology strongly formed my choice of travels and the work resulting from that, which I have bundled up in "Terra". Other material is a strange combination of interests, such as Enginering (Architecture and urbanized/industrial landscapes), abstraction, and the fascination of all things being vulnerable in time. The latter three did not condense in clearly outlined "projects" or series yet, I'm still figuring these out while I go.

All the above is just a mere reflection of what I see and try to interpret photographically. It is by all means a very personal piece of work I enjoyed making. Whether it being of interest or inspiration is up to you. I do hope you enjoy. Thanks very much for stopping by, and taking the effort reading.

You can also find me on social media; Insta // Behance