2004 I started photographing during my internship for my bachelor degree in Chemistry in Switzerland. 2006 I decided to buy my own camera. From there on photography started to grow as a hobby, and eventually I became quite passionate about it. It helped me getting in touch with myself, and I found my rest within it.

2011 a very turbulent and profound period in my life started when my father suddenly passed away. The period following his death was a very difficult time, and was also a period when I was starting to deal with some personal challanges, as I also just figured out I had ADHD. Photography formed an activity where I learned to pick up life again and keep my head clear. I went outdoors, and slowly started to cope with the mess in my head. An interest I share with my dad is the sea. Over time I came ever more to the quiet shorelines of the southwestern Dutch delta-isles, to seek refuge and calmness. Finally, since 2018, I moved over to the shores of the delta. Closer to the places I love, along the shores that calm me down.

Somewhere halfway in the 2010's, a body of work started to form, as well as a photographic style and identity were taking shape. Along the way I also picked up a big interest for photography on film, next to the eases of working digitally, and I was experimenting with a more minimalistic style. Since 2019/2020 I have started to summarized the work that has accumulated the last decade as my project "Delta" - it is a still growing collection of landscapes of the Dutch river delta.

Other interests such as geology strongly formed my choice of travels and the work resulting from that, which I have bundled up in "Terra". Other material is a strange combination of interests, such as Enginering (Architecture and urbanized/industrial landscapes), abstraction, and some other themes. These are not  clearly defined, and for now will probably will just result in some "short stories".

All the above is just a mere reflection of how I see and interpret the world around me. As having ADHD I am very visually orientated, and photographing the world around me help me staying in balance - it calms me down and keeps my head clear. I can't tell for shure if it is by pressing the shutter, working on my photo's in post, or just running around outdoors (yes, I have difficulties sitting still). Not that it matters to me, it's how I feel on my best. So, my website presents a very personal piece of work I enjoyed making. I do hope you enjoy. Thanks very much for stopping by, and taking the effort reading.

You can also find me on social media; Insta // Behance