Welcome to "Delta".

Delta is an ongoing body of work, depicting my life and my current home at the Dutch river delta. It is now devided in two "chapters, covering two different settings, and both have their distinct origins in my life.

The Dutch coast is a very fragile one. Starting to photograph from strong personal motivations, over time a collection of work accumulated which is my portrait of the Dutch river delta and its coast.

Following the death of my father in 2011 I was at the start of a challenging time in my life. During that time, I started took refuge along the Dutch coast. The Delta-isles are a well hidden haven for those seeking rest and solitude, as well as discovering an authentic strech of Dutch coast.

During a time of large changes in 2017, I've moved from the crowded city life of the "Randstad" area to the much more tranquil countryside along the Dutch delta. Fulfilling my wish to be closer to the delta islands, as well as a personal need to live my life in a slower and less distracting pace, I have found another safe haven to clear my mind.