T E R R A - Orogeny

Swiss and French Alps, cnvergent plate boundary

T E R R A - Igneous

Iceland, mantle plume aligned with a divergent plate boundary

Doin' it again

I picked up the camera's again. Last month I finally had the time to some film in my tank. I became aware I'm not that out-of-it as I though I was, but my Rodinal (the Adox kind) is. Almost empty and too old, it has depleted. Seeing I used it for over 5 years (not even kept it in my fridge) that's not too surprising. That, and I waited too long for my PanF rol to develop. Defenetly recommend to develop it ASAP after shooting it, just don't stick it in a fridge for 4+ months and expect it to come out perfectly. Luckily I've got a fresh bottle of Rodinal, shot a roll of HP5 on my Hasselblad las…


D E L T A vol.2

In progress.

Slow progress

Progressing is slow. The stylising of the site is pretty much done. First off is to put content on, and that is currently being done. Most of my stuff is now curated, so I only have to assemble some overviews in my portfolio. I'm slowly and surely getting there...


D E L T A vol.1 - Changing of the Tides

First period (2011-2020) of my project Delta. It represents a period I went trough huge changes in my life.

Recurating work, updating website

I'm currently in the process of recurating all my work. I want to cast it into a bit more of a "coherent mold", properly titling it, et cetera. It can take a while, but as a part time photographer, and full time chemist and dad it is quite the task... Stay tuned, I do my best to upload the content somewhere this summer.